Laminated Glass


Laminated Glass

Specific binding laminated glass or colored polyvinyl butyral (PVB) with the help of two or more glass plates is produced by combining under heat and pressure. Reduces the risk of injury by keeping parts in case of breakage. Because of this property is considered to be of laminated safety glass. Laminated glass on one side, the other side is the right choice in terms of prevention or delay of unwanted transitions. Camlamaların standard for interior glass lamination inclined or overhead, and a typical solution. Laminated, insulating glass units (ISICAM ®) is a colorless, tinted, coated and heat-treated glass can be created with. Laminated glass, low UV transmittance natural colors of articles are also useful in terms of prolonged protection and noise control. Carried out with the production of PVB laminated 0:38 mm thick colorless standard. Also 0.76, 1.14, 1.52 mm thick, or used yapılabilir.Laminasyonda glass / tempered glass and 1.52 mm thick PVB is used. Acoustic laminated (Noise Control Glasses) 0.76 mm or 1.14 mm thick laminated "acoustic PVB" glass is manufactured using a noise control. Noise Konrtrol glasses "outer" and "inner" can make a difference in the noise levels by 3-4 times. 44 decibel noise insulation combinations that can be created. Bullet Resistant and Bullet Resistant Units Bullet-proof and bullet-resistant units, in the case of attacks against the safety of life and property used in places. Search for bullet-proof and bullet-resistant glass or polycarbonate layer laminated PVB birleşimlerdir. Tempered glass plates can be used as needed. Fire Resistant Glass It is colorless and transparent windows 30, 60, 90, 120 min. prevent the passage of flame and smoke from side to side during the fire. During the transparency of fire protection. Can be used both inside and out. UV is not affected.

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